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Step 1:
Fold your rope in half, take the U-shaped end (called the ‘bight’) and wrap it twice around your partner’s wrist or ankle leaving room to slip two fingers underneath.

Step 2:
After the second wrap, cross the bight over the top of the wraps then pull it back through the underside.

Step 3:
Leave enough of the bight to tie a square knot with the remaining rope.

Step 4:
The final result looks like this.

Step 5:
The remaining rope and bight can now be used to secure your partner’s wrist or ankle to something such as a bedpost or chair leg.


This is a well made how-to

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(3) don’t worry! no balls were injured in the making of this film!  (just a little tease that plays on male castration anxieties)

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I’m pretty sure he just stood there until Sembene walked in and cleared his throat like:

"Boy you pretty but you gotta go home."

PD - Season Finale Recap

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